CONF: The Collecting of Graphic Arts from a Historical Perspective. Research and Digitisation in Dialogue

German Version below

20. – 23. October 2016, Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum Braunschweig and Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, Augusteerhalle

A conference of the joint research project Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum Braunschweig, Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte – Bildarchiv Foto Marburg der Philipps-Universität Marburg. Continue reading “CONF: The Collecting of Graphic Arts from a Historical Perspective. Research and Digitisation in Dialogue”

EXH: St. Joseph Carpenter by Georges de La Tour, Paris: Louvre, until 2 October 2016

This monographic exhibition on Georges de La Tour’s „St. Joseph Carpenter“ also commemorates Percy Moore Turner (1877-1950), the British art dealer who advised Samuel Courtauld and donated this and several other important artworks to French museums.

until 2 October 2016

Louvre website

Deadlines coming up and two exhibitions for holiday travellers in Europe

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Two exhibitions are among our posts: an exhibition in Amsterdam on Kunsthandel Buffa (10 Sept 2016 – 8 Jan 2017) and the presentation of Georges de la Tour’s Saint Joseph, the Carpenter at the Louvre (until 2 Oct 2016), where there is much to learn about the English art dealer Percy Moore Turner and Paul Jamot, Turner’s friend and Chief Curator at the Louvre at the time.

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CFP: APPLY BY SEPT 15: Art Markets: Agents, Dealers, Auctions, Collectors

Call for Papers: “Art Markets: Agents, Dealers, Auctions, Collectors”

Annual meeting of the American Society of Eighteenth Century Studies (ASECS) – 30 March- 2 April, 2017 in Minneapolis.

During the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries numerous artworks were removed and sold from churches, monasteries, palaces, and private collections. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, and antiquities were purchased by Grand Tourists in Italy, and many were sold, confiscated, or lost as a result of political and social upheavals throughout Europe, especially in the aftermath of the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. Travel and trade in Asia and America brought new types and styles of art and artifacts to markets in London, Paris, Amsterdam and elsewhere and stimulated taste for the exotic. This session seeks papers on the roles played by art dealers, auction houses, private sales, collectors, the movement of artworks from private to public or public to private collections as well as other aspects of the art market and effects on contemporary artists.

Wendy Wassyng Roworth, University of Rhode Island; submit proposals by 15 September, 2016 to:

Source: American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

ASECS Conference pdf

CFP: APPLY BY SEPT 7: Art Markets and Politics. State Control and Trade in Global Perspective

CFP: Art Markets and Politics. State Control and Trade in Global Perspective – Workshop 2016

Technische Universität Berlin, Main Building, Senate Room H 1035, November 4/5, 2016

Fifth international workshop of the Forum Kunst und Markt / Center for Art Market Studies, Institute of Art History and Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technische Universität Berlin

Deadline: September 7, 2016

Art Markets and Politics:
State Control and Trade in Global Perspective

The consequences of Brexit, art looting, and cultural protection legislation – politics and art-dealing are interlocked in manifold ways. Forum Kunst und Markt’s fifth international workshop at TU Berlin will inquire in a historical long-term perspective about this “intervention” of politics in the workings of the art trade: Continue reading “CFP: APPLY BY SEPT 7: Art Markets and Politics. State Control and Trade in Global Perspective”

KUNSTHANDEL BUFFA Beauty for Sale – KUNSTHANDEL BUFFA Schoonheid te koop

George Hendrik Breitner, Staand naakt, 1893, olieverf op doek, 160 x 74 cm, Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen

Dutch version below

The Amsterdam art dealer Frans Buffa and Sons played an important role in the international prints and paintings trade between 1791 and 1951. Under the leadership of several owners, the business existed for over 150 years. In 1921 Joop Siedenburg is at the helm. He specializes in the sale of contemporary modern art including works by George Hendrik Breitner, Kees van Dongen, Leo Gestel and Piet Mondrian. He maintains good relations with William and Anna Singer and soon becomes their principal adviser. More than a quarter of their art collection is bought through Buffa. Additionally Siedenburg is committed to bringing the work of William Singer to the attention of an international public by showing his work at Buffa’s branch in New York.

Art, Trade and Friendship

The exhibition presents an overview of 150 years of Buffa’s art dealings and provides insight into the daily affairs of the gallery. The pieces on show shine their own light on the history of the trade. The diversity of relationships between art dealers and artists, customers and patrons runs like a red thread through the exhibition. Continue reading “KUNSTHANDEL BUFFA Beauty for Sale – KUNSTHANDEL BUFFA Schoonheid te koop”