Conf: SURREALISMS: Inaugural Conference of the ISSS

Bucknell University Humanities Center
Lewisburg, PA, USA
1-4 November 2018 

As we near the centenary mark of André Breton’s Manifesto of Surrealism (1924), the movement’s influence continues to reverberate across contemporary poetry, art, film, philosophy, and popular culture. The scholarly study and teaching of surrealism extends correspondingly to arts and humanities fields and departments around the world. The International Society for the Study of Surrealism (ISSS) aims to advance surrealism’s widespread cultural and intellectual influence by organizing events and managing channels of information to facilitate cross-disciplinary and inter-regional exchange. The mission of the ISSS is to incorporate and promote new scholarship on global surrealism as well as to introduce new ways to approach its various literary and artistic expressions throughout Europe. In addition, we seek to foster exchanges between practicing artists and writers and the scholarly community for whom surrealism (past and present) is a field of ongoing inquiry. Continue reading “Conf: SURREALISMS: Inaugural Conference of the ISSS”

CONF: Objekte und Eliten in Hildesheim (Hildesheim, 22-23 Feb 18)

Innovation und Tradition. Objekte und Eliten in Hildesheim 1130 – 1250

Dommuseum Hildesheim
22. – 23.02.2018

Registration deadline: Feb 12, 2018
No conference fee, but registration required

Abschlusstagung des vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF geförderten Verbundprojekts „Innovation und Tradition. Objekte und Eliten in Hildesheim, 1130–1250“, an dem neben dem Dommuseum Hildesheim die Universitäten Bonn, Kiel, Osnabrück und Potsdam beteiligt sind. Continue reading “CONF: Objekte und Eliten in Hildesheim (Hildesheim, 22-23 Feb 18)”

CONF: Collecting Medieval Art (New York, 27 Jan 18)

Collecting Medieval Art: Past, Present and Future

SVA Theatre, New York
January 27, 2018

A symposium on the history of collecting medieval art, to be held in celebration of the exhibition ‘Of Earth and Heaven: Art from the Middle Ages’ [January 29–March 10, 2018] at Luhring Augustine in conjunction with Sam Fogg, the world’s leading dealer in medieval art, at the SVA Theatre.

Every surviving art treasure of the Middle Ages has a unique material history spanning centuries. These precious objects have been traded, preserved, restored, lent and loved. Some passed through many hands, others remained untouched and forgotten for generations before returning to the spotlight. These histories of collections and collectors yield valuable insights into the medieval jewels that brighten the private and public art collections of today. Continue reading “CONF: Collecting Medieval Art (New York, 27 Jan 18)”

Conf.Rep.: Provenance Research on Ethnological Collections of the Colonial Period (German)

Provenienzforschung zu ethnologischen Sammlungen der Kolonialzeit

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Museum der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde

07.04.2017-08.04.2017, München

Bericht von: Regina Wonisch, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
E-Mail: <>

Die lange vernachlässigte koloniale Vergangenheit Deutschlands wurde in den letzten Jahren nicht nur in der historischen Forschung, sondern auch in ethnologischen Museen, deren Geschichte untrennbar mit dem Kolonialismus verknüpft ist, zu einem brisanten Thema. Insbesondere an dem umstrittenen Humboldt Forum in Berlin entzündete sich eine breite öffentliche Debatte. Derzeit finden an mehreren ethnologischen Museen in Deutschland Projekte zur Provenienzforschung meist in Kooperation mit universitären Forschungseinrichtungen statt. Diese Entwicklung nahm die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Museum der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde vertreten durch Larissa Förster, Iris Edenheiser und Sarah Fründt zum Anlass, die internationale Tagung “Provenienzforschung zu ethnologischen Sammlungen der Kolonialzeit” in Kooperation mit dem Museum fünf Kontinente in München zu veranstalten. Continue reading “Conf.Rep.: Provenance Research on Ethnological Collections of the Colonial Period (German)”

CFP: Art and Ideas on the Move (London, 25 May 18)

Renaissance Postgraduate Symposium – Art and Ideas on the Move (1400-1600)
The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, May 25, 2018
Deadline: Jan 8, 2018

‘[H]e who changes his country or place of habitation seems to change his nature, talents, character, and personal habits, insomuch that sometimes he seems to be not the same man but another, and all dazed and stupefied’ (Giorgio Vasari on Rosso Fiorentino, trans. Gaston du C. Vere (1909))

In tracing the patterns of movement of people in and through different geographic regions – whether as merchants, pilgrims, scholars, soldiers, vagrants or the like – the highly mobile nature of many communities from the medieval to the early modern period has come to the fore in recent scholarship with particular clarity. As part of this scholarly trend, art historians have increasingly adopted the term ‘mobility’ as a byword for the study of the cultural effects of not only the migration of people (most notably artists and patrons) but also the concomitant flow between different geographic locales of images, objects, artefacts, materials, techniques and ideas. Continue reading “CFP: Art and Ideas on the Move (London, 25 May 18)”

New Volume out now: Revolutionary Paris and the Market

Brill is pleased to announce

Darius A. Spieth, Revolutionary Paris and the Market for Netherlandish Art

Studies in the History of Collecting & Art Markets (HCAM), Vol. 3
with a Foreword by Marc Fumaroli

Revolutionary Paris and the Market
ISBN13: 9789004336988
E-ISBN: 9789004276758
Publication Date: December 2017
Copyright Year: 2018
Format: Hardback
Publication Type: Book
Pages, Illustr.: xxii, 514 pp., 174 full color ill.
Imprint: BRILL
Language: English