Book Out Now: Diana Kostyrko, René Gimpel (1918-1939)

The Journal of the Transatlantic Art Dealer:
René Gimpel (1918-1939)


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approx. 220 p., 45 b/w ill. + 3 colour ill., 220 x 280 mm, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-909400-51-1
Languages: English, French
Brepols / Harvey Miller – Collectors and Dealers (HMCD 2)
Retail price: EUR 100,00 excl. tax

Table of Contents

The journal of the transatlantic art dealer, René Gimpel (1881-1945), is evaluated for its legacy.

The transatlantic art dealer, René Gimpel (1881-1945), maintained an interwar journal for twenty-one years until, like many Jews in France, he was overtaken by radical political events.

In this book, Diana Kostyrko explores why Gimpel’s journal should be taken seriously as a sociohistorical document. In contextualising the journal, including its reception since first published in 1963, she intercuts art history with material culture and a sociology of modernity. Firstly setting the art dealer in context, the author examines the dominant themes which thread through the journal ‑ ranging from the escalation in power and status of European dealers catering to but also rivalling wealthy private collectors, to the irresistible pressure of twentieth-century modernity on collecting practices.

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CONF: Building an Art Market 2.0 (Geneva, 2 Feb, 2018)

With today’s art market coming under increasing pressure to self-reflect and adapt to new challenges, the Responsible Art Market Initiative (RAM) continues to foster the dialogue on responsible art market practices.
For its second edition, RAM will be launching its “Art Transaction Due Diligence Toolkit” and discussing the importance of due diligence and the place of technology in modern-day art transactions. What opportunities and threats do they present for art professionals and collectors ?

Find the Progam and Registration form here

STIP: PhD Studentship, Art Markets and Museum Collections, Loughborough

Loughborough University, October 01, 2018
Application deadline: Feb 28, 2018

Art Markets and Museum Collections: Curating Futures

Funded full-time PhD studentship in the School of the Arts, English and Drama
Loughborough University, United Kingdom

The Museums, Markets, and Critical Heritage research group at Loughborough University welcomes proposals for a funded PhD studentship that investigates intersections between art markets, curatorial practices, and the development of museum collections. As the 2017 auction sale of Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi has shown, interest in the art market as a space of both commerce and public spectacle has reached a peak. At a time when eye-catching transactions have become a driving force within the global art world, this studentship invites consideration of the extent to which art market activity, art fairs, biennials, and private initiatives are shaping the futures of museums and their audiences. Continue reading “STIP: PhD Studentship, Art Markets and Museum Collections, Loughborough”

REV-CONF: Raub & Handel. Der franzoesische Kunstmarkt unter deutscher Besatzung (1940-1944)

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
30.11. – 01.12.2017

Bericht von Doris Kachel, Berlin, Nationalgalerie – Museum Berggruen (SMB-SPK)

Französische und deutsche ProvenienzforscherInnen, WissenschaftlerInnen und Interessierte trafen sich vom 30. November bis zum 1. Dezember 2017 in der Bonner Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, um sich gemeinsam dem Thema „Raub & Handel. Der französische Kunstmarkt unter deutscher Besatzung (1940–1944)“ zu widmen. Das Deutsche Zentrum Kulturgutverluste (DZK) kooperierte für diese Fachkonferenz mit dem Deutschen Forum für Kunstgeschichte Paris und dem Forum Kunst und Markt der Technischen Universität Berlin. Continue reading “REV-CONF: Raub & Handel. Der franzoesische Kunstmarkt unter deutscher Besatzung (1940-1944)”

Book out now: Women Artists in Paris, 1850-1900

A celebration of the work and lives of women artists
who shaped the art world of 19th-century Paris
Laurence Madeline; With essays by Bridget Alsdorf, Jane R. Becker, Joëlle Bolloch, Vibeke Waallan Hansen, and Richard Kendall

In the second half of the 19th century, Paris attracted an international gathering of women artists, drawn to the French capital by its academies and museums, studios and salons. Featuring thirty-six artists from eleven different countries, this beautifully illustrated book explores the strength of these women’s creative achievements, through paintings by acclaimed Impressionists such as Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot, and extraordinary lesser-known artists such as Marie Bashkirtseff, Anna Bilinska-Bohdanowicz, Paula Modersohn-Becker, and Hanna Pauli.

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CFP: Chinese objects and their lives (Paris, 15 Jun 18)

Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, Inalco, Paris
Deadline: Feb 23, 2018

International workshop organised by the French Association of Chinese Studies (AFEC)

Over the last twenty years, material culture studies have occupied a growing place in the social sciences. These studies are founded on the idea that objects—natural, technical or artistic—can be considered documents for the writing of history, or even as actors in the social sphere, where they are capable of conditioning or transforming human behaviour. Therefore, special attention has been given to the social, economic and material conditions of their production and diffusion, their history and uses, and more broadly to their “biographies” or “social lives” in order to account for their ability to take on different roles in different periods. The relationships that people build with objects that surround them, are created by them, or used and exchanged by them, have been an integral part of the issues confronting historians studying material culture since, at least, the 1960s. Continue reading “CFP: Chinese objects and their lives (Paris, 15 Jun 18)”

L: Christoph Andreas, Die Hans Thoma Wandbilder (Cologne, 18 Jan, 2018)

This Thursday, the last lecture of the series Kunstmarkt hier und heute, takes place at the University of Cologne

Christoph Andreas, Kunsthandlung J.P. Schneider jr.
Die Hans Thoma Wandbilder der Villa Gerlach in Frankfurt. Ein Restitutionsfall /
The Hans Thoma murals at Villa Gerlach in Frankfurt. A case of restitution

Thursday, 18.01.2018 | 5:45pm

Universität zu Köln
Kunsthistorisches Institut
Hörsaal E
50923 Cologne