ANN: Alma Rosé Prize for research into the history of those persecuted under National Socialism and the history of their material losses and seizures

The Alma Rosé Prize is endowed with 1,000 euros and is awarded for outstanding scientific achievements in the first phase of studies (such as diploma and master’s theses). Up to three prizes are awarded per year. Dissertations are not currently funded. Innovative formats such as podcast, video or visualization forms of the digital humanities (e.g. storymaps) can also be submitted, provided they have been admitted as a thesis at a German-speaking university. Honored are academic qualification writings at German-speaking universities that deal with the history of National Socialism, cultural property confiscated in the Nazi era as well as the aftermath (including post-war justice), and thereby focus on the history of persecution, especially with regard to the confiscation of assets and the (private) economic plundering.

An intensive examination of the victims’ perspective in various contexts (“Aryanization,” “utilization,” restitution and compensation proceedings, symbolic “reparation”), the history of deprivation and its actors, and the history of loss of objects or items of all kinds is requested.In particular, the aim of the prize is to strengthen the still young sub-discipline of provenance research, research on property seizure, material culture in this subject area, as well as compensation and restitution procedures at German-speaking universities, and to provide an incentive for young scholars to critically examine these topics and to conduct basic research in this area. The jury is interdisciplinary in order to bring in the perspective of different disciplines.

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Submit by: 31 July 2024