ANN: “Coexistence of Organisms and Communities”, Summer School at the Galerie 35m2 Collective (Prague, 20-22 July 2023)

The Galerie 35m2 collective announces an open call for the first edition of the Summer School with the subtitle “Coexistence of Organisms and Communities”. The event will take place from July 20 to July 22 at the gallery space in Prague. The forthcoming Summer School is part of the gallery’s multi-year programme cycle, which falls under the umbrella of the term Perception. The gallery collective understands the term as the ability to relate sensitively to the world around us. The several-day program is aimed at developing a sensitive and considerate relationship to nature and society through the lens of not only a human perspective. With this call we are trying to answer: How can we (either) collectively and individually contribute to a better environment for ourselves and future generations?

Deadline: 31 May 2023

The open call is addressed to all professionals in the field of contemporary art – curators, theorists, historians, artists, humanities scholars and cultural workers, as well as the associated disciplines from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Summer School program will consist of lectures, workshops, critical readings, creative sessions, studio visits, etc. aimed at reflecting and developing ideas related to the search for responsible action in relation to nature, people and society in general.

The programme was curated by Anežka Kořínková and Tea Záchová. It will be held in English.

Participation fee: 150 EUR**

*Participants will pay for travel and accommodation costs themselves

**Includes meals and costs related to the program

Date: July 20-22 2023

Venue: Galerie 35m2, Prague

Deadline for applications: 31 May 2023

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