ANN: Collecting Animals, Collecting Central Europe (Online, 25 Oct 2022, 7pm)

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Collecting Central Europe invites you to a workshop on the theme of collecting animals on 25 October 2022, 7pm Berlin time.

There will be three short presentations followed by a discussion.

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Claudia Swan: ‘Birds of Paradise in the Kunstkammer’:
This talk will trace the movement of birds of paradise (their carcasses, their plumage) from their native habitat in Papua and the Aru Islands to Western Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, and from their use as plumage fit for warriors and rulers to their place as specimens within the context of early modern natural history.

Arturo Morgado Garcia: ‘The work of Juan Bautista Bru and the Royal Cabinet of Madrid Collection (1784)’
The Royal Cabinet of Natural History in Madrid was one of the main examples of the scientific policy of Charles III of Spain. Its initial content was completed with specimens sent by Spanish colonial authorities, and the main pieces are described in the work written by Juan Bautista Bru, Collection of animals and monsters of the Royal Cabinet of Natural History of Madrid (1784).

Marzia Breda: ‘The Museum of Zoology, University of Padua’
The original core of the Museum of Zoology is the 1734 donation by Antonio Vallisneri jr. to the University of Padua, of the extensive naturalistic collection of his homonymous father, Antonio Vallisneri sr, professor of Medicine in Padua between 1700 and 1730. This donation granted Antonio jr the first chair of Natural History in our Athenaeum and entrusted him with the care of this extensive collection, then known as “Museo Vallisneriano”.

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