ANN: Digital Research Infrastructures in Germany and Israel (Online seminar of the German Lost Art Foundation for the International Day of Provenance Research, 13 Apr 2022)

Prompted by the International Day of Provenance Research on April 13, the German Lost Art Foundation will take the opportunity to build on the dialogue between Germany and Israel. The one-day online event focuses on the digital research infrastructure of provenance research in the two countries. Staff members of museums, libraries and archives who would like to learn about research possibilities on Nazi-looted property are invited to attend.

Free event
Please register by 12 Apr 2022 (details follow).

In the first section of the event, institutions and initiatives from Germany will be introduced. The databases of the German Lost Art Foundation, Lost Art and Proveana, will be presented, as well as the databases of the Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin and the German Federal Archives. Furthermore, the Joined Provenance Database Looted Cultural Assets, the Arolsen Archives and the Jewish Digital Cultural Recovery Project were invited to provide an insight into their work. In the afternoon, the Yad Vashem, the National Library of Israel, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem will discuss databases, research tools and new initiatives.

PROGRAMME (all times are CET, all presentations in English)

09:00 – Welcome
Prof. Dr. Gilbert Lupfer, German Lost Art Foundation

Digital Research Infrastructures in Germany
Hosted by: Sophie Leschik & Dr. Maria Obenaus, German Lost Art Foundation

09:15 – Lost Art Database
Dr. Andrea Baresel-Brand, German Lost Art Foundation

09:30 – Proveana Provenance Research Database
Sabrina Werner, German Lost Art Foundation

10:00 – Joined Provenance Database Looted Cultural AssetsStephan Kummer, Universitätsbibliothek der Freien Universität Berlin

10:20 – German Federal Archives: Online Access and Use of Archival Material Relevant for Provenance Research
Dr. Thekla Kleindienst, German Federal Archives

10:45 – Break

11:00 – Linz, Göring, Central Collecting Point: Three Databases to Search for Looted Property
Dr. Brigitte Reineke, Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin

11:20 – International Center on Nazi Persecution as a Source for Provenances
Giora Zwilling, Arolsen Archives

11:40 – Jewish Digital Cultural Recovery Project
Deidre Berger, Jewish Digital Cultural Recovery Project Foundation Break
12:00 – Break

Digital Research Infrastructures in Israel
Hosted by: Shlomit Steinberg, The Israel Museum Jerusalem

13:30 – Using Yad Vashem’s Digital Research Tools to Reveal the Individuals Behind Unidentified Artifacts
Sara Shor, Yad Vashem Museum

14:00 – Book Provenance at the National Library of Israel: Research and New Initiatives
Daniel Lipson & Dr. Yoel Finkelman, National Library of Israel

14:30 – Placing the Irreplaceable. Cultural Property and Restitution Documentation after 1945
Dr. Caroline Jessen, Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow & Anna Holzer-Kawalko, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

15:00 – The Archive of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem
Bettina Farack, Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem

15:20 – Closing Remarks
15:30 – End of Conference

The digital event on April 13, 2022, 9-15.30 (CET)/10-16:30 (IST) is open to the public and free of charge. It will take place as a video conference via Webex with an additional public livestream via YouTube ( The program will be conducted in English. Event documentation will also be available afterwards on the Foundation’s website and on YouTube.

Please register until April 12, 2022 via +49 (0) 391 727 763-24 or and contact Anna-Katharina Köhler if you have any questions.

By registering and participating in the event, you grant the organizer permission to take audio and video recordings during the event and to use these recordings in connection with the event for public relations and for analogue and digital documentation (according to §22 KunstUrhG). The organizer will collect, process and use your personal data within the scope of fulfilling the statutory remit of the German Lost Art Foundation.

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