ANN: Iberian Art in Central and Eastern European Collections (Collecting Central Europe / online, 19 Dec 2024)

Collecting Central Europe invites you to a workshop on “Iberian Art in Central and Eastern European Collections” with presentations by Veronika Červená (Lobkovicz Collection), Martyna Łukasiewicz (National Museum in Poznan), two ten-minute presentations followed by discussion:

The Collection of Spanish works owned by the Lobkovicz Family

Members of the Lobkowicz family were inextricably linked to the Spanish court and the culture of the Iberian Peninsula in general. Maria Manrique de Lara y Mendoza (c. 1538–1608), who married Vratislav II of Pernstein in 1555, played a crucial role in the penetration of these influences. One of their descendants was Polyxena of Pernstein (1566–1642), whose second husband was Zdenko Adalbert Popel of Lobkowicz (1568–1628). Through this marriage, part of the collection of Maria Manrique came into the possession of the Lobkowiczs, who brought a whole range of art objects with her from Spain and, after moving to Bohemia, still had them sent directly from Spain, including paintings.

Les Arts En Portugal. Iberian artworks in the collection of Athanasius Raczyński

In 1848 Athanasius Raczyński (1788–1874), Polish Count and diplomat in service of the Kingdom of Prussia, travelled from Lisbon, via Cadiz and Seville to Madrid to start his diplomatic mission and at the same time an intense stay in the Kingdom of Spain. Holding a prominent position among the European diplomatic elite, having extensive contacts in political spheres, a sharp eye, and analytical skills, in a short period of time, Raczyński became not only a keen observer and skilful commentator of political and social life but also an active participant of the artistic scene first in Portugal and then in Spain.

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