ANN: Institute of Art and Law Diploma in Art Profession Law & Ethics 2023 (Jan-Jul 2023)

The Institute of Art & Law’s Diploma in Art Profession Law and Ethics (DipAPLE) is running once again between January and July 2023. This intensive, interactive course – now online – is designed to introduce both art professionals and lawyers to the specific legal risks and safeguards that underpin all art transactions. It covers buying and selling, lending and borrowing, donating and accepting, disposing and giving away. It will also teach how to avoid legal trouble and how to get the legal advantage.

This course is held one Saturday a month with the sessions running as follows:

14 January, 18 February, 18 March, 22 April, 20 May, 24 June and 29 July 2023.

All classes will take place online, run via Zoom. Sign up is still possible even after the first session (recordings are available).

For more information on the content of the course, the cost, and to register, please see here.