ANN: Lecture: Catherine MacKenzie — Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, 18.09.2019, Munich

Dr. Max Stern and Canadian art: an engagement generated by exile

Lecture will be in English

Forced from his profession as an art dealer and gallery owner by the National Socialists in Germany and then by British government actions against enemy aliens, Dr. Max Stern rapidly achieved prominence in Canada after his 1942 release from an internment camp.  His subsequent self-fashioning as the first organizer of a large  commercial exhibition of Emily Carr’s work and as an ardent proponent of living Canadian art through his Dominion Gallery in Montreal suggests a remarkable sense of adventure. However, as this heavily illustrated talk will argue, the new (sometimes hesitant) commitment to Canadian art actually had to struggle to find its place alongside a more abiding affection for various forms of European production.

Occasionally these distinct enthusiasms came together,  as in the numerous paintings Stern sold and collected by the European-based Canadian painter James Wilson Morrice, but more often they co-existed awkwardly in Stern’s practice, in analogy to the oft-times unsettled condition of exile.

Catherine MacKenzie ist Professorin für Kunstgeschichte an der Concordia University, Montreal und seit 2018 Senior Research Advisor für das Stern Cooperation Project am Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte

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