ANN: Lost, Found or Vanished: Three Cases of Persian Carpet Provenance in the Lands of the Former Habsburg Empire; Lecture by Dr. Yuka Kadoi (Berlin, 13 Oct 2023)

Detail of figure in: Friedrich Sarre, ‘Zwei unbekannte Hauptwerke persischer Teppichkunst’, Pantheon, 7 [January-June 1931], Abb. 7
Detail of figure in: Friedrich Sarre, ‘Zwei unbekannte Hauptwerke persischer Teppichkunst’, Pantheon, 7 [January-June 1931], Abb. 7

This talk explores the trajectories of early-modern Persian carpets with contested provenance records. Against a complex socio-cultural backdrop of post-Habsburg Central Europe, it traces the network of object sharing among dealers, private collectors and state institutions through three case studies concerning Vienna, Kraków and Budapest.

Each of the carpets in focus holds its respective pathway to accessioning and deaccessioning, while highlighting a certain degree of commonality in the art provenance of Central European collections which got involved, one way to another, with cultural property trafficking in the mid-1930s and mid-1940s. Of particular emphasis in this talk is given not only to the political ideological spectrum, but also to wider ramifications of social and economic crises in Europe and beyond during the first half of the twentieth century. 

 13.10.2023 um 18 Uhr
Auditorium der James-Simon-Galerie
Besuchereingang Erdgeschoss / Bodestraße / 10178 Berlin

Öffentlicher Abendvortrag in englischer Sprache 
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Veranstaltet vom Institut für Kunstgeschichte und Musikwissenschaft, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin und dem Deutschen Zentrum Kulturgutverluste.


Yuka Kadoi, PhD, is an art historian and art historiographer, with particular expertise in the mobility of artefacts, history of collecting and critical museology. Currently serving as Project Leader (PI) of an FWF (Austrian Science Fund)-sponsored project, Persica Centropa: Cosmopolitan Artefacts and Artifices in the Age of Crises (1900–1950), at the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, Department of Art History, University of Vienna, she is researching extensively on various aspects of Persian art in global contexts. She is the author or editor/co-editor of Islamic Chinoiserie (2009); The Shaping of Persian Art (2013); Arthur Upham Pope and A New Survey of Persian Art (2016); Persian Art: Image-making in Eurasia (2018), The Blue Road: Mastercrafts from Persia (2018), The Re-shaping of Persian Art (2019), Collecting Asian Art (2024), as well as recently a special issue of The Journal of Art Historiography (2023), devoted to a historiography of Persian art. She is currently finalising the manuscript of her second monograph (under contract with EUP), which deals with the early twentieth-century history and historiography of Persian art.