ANN: MA Programme “History of Global Markets” (Univ. Göttingen)

The interdisciplinary Master’s degree program “History of Global Markets” is offered by the Institute for Economic and Social History, University of Göttingen. This degree program imparts the analytical skills of economic and social history and combines them with building a profile either in economics, business studies, or the social sciences and history. It offers a broad range of possibilities to specialize in different fields, since the University of Göttingen provides a large variety of courses. Our focus is on the global economy, business history, and the history of consumption.

Application deadline: 15 Nov 2021

Are you interested in economic and social history in global perspectives? Today’s economy is organized around globally integrated markets and affects critically social debates – especially in times of crisis. Where did these developments and interdependencies originate, and how can they be understood? What room of manoeuver did entrepreneurs and consumers have in face of global market pressures?

The degree program is open to those who have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree program in Economic and Social History, Modern History, Economics, Business Studies, Sociology, Political Science, or an adjacent subject. You also need to demonstrate proficiency in either German or English. (Please note that English language course offerings can be limited in some semesters.) You can take up the program in the summer as well as the winter semester. See

The program is comprised of 90 credits of courses, and a 30-credit thesis. The thesis is developed by the students as a project of their own, under our supervision. Courses are offered both in German and English. It is possible to complete the program in German as well as in English. See

We are looking forward to your applications. Deadline is November 15, 2021.
Please submit your application online:

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