ANN: Merle de Massoneau and the Formation of his Collection of Antiquities, Lecture by Sujatha Chandrasekaran (IHR Collecting & Display / online; 5 Jul 2021, 6pm BST)

IHR - TIAMSA The International Art Market Studies Association

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, collectors of ancient art look towards Imperial Russia and its Black Sea littoral as a place of rich and beautiful finds of all periods and styles, ranging from Scythian to the prized Greco-Roman to Islamic and medieval. The abundant finds of the region were steadily filling the Russian royal museum collections and, by World War I, a handful of Western museums had managed to acquire ancient art and artefacts from Southern Russia through various dealers.

The most substantial collections of such art were acquired by four museums – in New York, Philadelphia, Cologne and Berlin – all at different times and through various channels. Recently, however, archaeologist Alexander Leskov was able to demonstrate a single source for all four assemblages – the French collector Merle de Massoneau.

Convenors: Susan Bracken, Andrea M. Gáldy, Adriana Turpin

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