ANN: Nazi-Era Art Provenance Research – Hybrid Training Program (University of Denver, Colorado, USA, 24–28 June 2024)

The Center for Art Collection Ethics (ACE) at the University of Denver (DU) is pleased to announce a hybrid training program on the fundamentals of Nazi-era art provenance research, June 24-28, 2024. In its third iteration since 2021, our program is geared toward graduate students and emerging museum and art market professionals. We will offer an on-campus postgraduate certificate of completion to twenty students through an application process. In addition, non-certificate students and other attendees may register to attend select sessions virtually.

Our planning team includes Antonia Bartoli, Curator of Provenance Research at the Yale University Art Gallery; Elizabeth Campbell, Professor of History at DU and Director of ACE; Renée Stokesbury, Associate Provenance Researcher at the Denver Art Museum.

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