ANN: Register to attend the annual conference of TIAMSA

Dear TIAMSA Members,

With July just around the corner, Kim and I would like to encourage you to register to attend the annual conference. After a series of very successful European conferences, thanks to the initiatives of Dr. Georgina Walker and Associate Professor Christopher Marshall, we are convening in Australia at the University of Melbourne.

From July 10th to 13th, scholars from all over the globe will meet in person and via the web to share ideas on the multiple art markets and the networks that make artistic and cultural exchanges possible. From topics such as the First Nations and the art market or the market for intangible art to the Korean art market and the phenomena of the private museum, the conference promises to reflect the complexity of our expanding art world. 

We encourage you to check the program and to register:

We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne

Best wishes 

Kim and Veronique