ANN: Research from the Julius Böhler Archive – A New Blog (Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, München; in German)

In 2015, the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Munich acquired the archive of the well-known Munich Art Gallery Julius Böhler (est. 1880). This impressive body of materials documents a large number of transactions between 1903 and 1994. Böhler had branch offices in Berlin, Lucerne and New York, a fact which underlines the gallery’s international reach.

Initially directed by Prof. Dr. Meike Hopp (now TU Berlin) and currently headed by Dr. Birgit Jooss, this project is funded jointly by the Ernst von Siemens Kunstfonds and the Deutsches Zentrum Kulturgutverluste. It sheds light on the gallery’s practices and is designed to improve future access to these materials, many of them highly relevant for the study of the art market and provenance in the 20th century.

Birgit Jooss has recently published three blog posts highlighting particularly interesting transactions. The first concerns complicated barter deals, the second and third are on an ivory relief which was acquired at an important auction, organized to liquidate the stock of three major art galleries, held in January 1935 by the Berlin auctioneer Paul Graupe. More blog entries will follow.

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