ANN: Research Group “L’età delle Dispersioni. Collezionismo tra Italia ed Europa nell’età moderna”

Launch of the international research group’s platform “L’età delle Dispersioni. Collezionismo tra Italia ed Europa nell’età moderna”, where the results of the studies carried out and new initiatives are published. The focus of this research group is on the dynamics of the formation and dispersion of the art collection nuclei established in north-central Italy between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. The fruition of the same works of art will also be studied, analysing them in the function of their original and current contexts in order to encourage a reflection on the exhibition in the light of the most recent updates on the subject.

Projects dedicated to specific collections will lead to the publication of the results in the form of a special editorial series and their presentation in conference activities. The studies presented will aim to reconstruct contexts, also with the support of restoration techniques, diagnostics, and Digital Humanities.

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