ANN: Seeking Instructor for Spring 2021 Art and Museum Law course

FIT is seeking an instructor for our Art and Museum Law course for Spring 2021.  The class meets on Mondays from 9:10am-12pm. 

It is yet to be confirmed if the class will be remote, but please be in touch even if you’re not in the NYC area.

HA 209 – Art and Museum Law
Introduces students to the legal concepts and issues specific to arts institutions and the art market. A central aim of the course is to develop strategies for problem-solving in an art business environment, such as an art gallery, museum, auction house, private collection or other art-related business. Central to the course are case studies on legal and ethical issues arising from the following: the legal meaning of art; copyright and art: an introduction; copyright infringement; expert opinions; auctions; a range of legal issues specific to museums; warranties of authenticity and title; First Amendment: art and obscenity; cultural property; gallery ethics and relationships; contracts with artists and dealers and introduction to moral rights. In addition, students will debate recent relevant legal situations in the art industry in order to track developments in real time and study how legal negotiations and conflicts unfold.

For further details, please contact:

Prof. Justine De Young, Ph.D.Chairperson, History of Art, Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY