ANN: The ART+TECH Report 2021 (available for free download in German and English)

The ART+TECH Report investigates and illuminates the interface between art, market and technology. It is an independent initiative by Kerstin Gold, Kristina Leipold, Johanna Neuschäffer and Anne Schwanz – four Berlin art market actors with different functions, who share a strong interest in future-proof scenarios for the art ecosystem. The initiative was founded in May 2020 with the concrete intention to shed light on the influence that digitization has on a market that still operates very traditionally.

In the current Collector’s Edition, art collectors in particular get to have their say and share their experiences and needs as customers and online users. At the end of December 2020, 380 international collectors were asked in an online survey about their personal experiences when buying art online in 2020 and how they would like to buy art online in the future.

Understanding the less considered collector’s and online buyer’s perspectives enables sellers to identify important opportunities and acquire design recommendations for their own successful future in the digital art market.

Initiators and Authors of the Report: Kerstin Gold, Kristina Leipold, Johanna Neuschäffer, Anne Schwanz

To read the report (free download), go to