ANN: The Christie’s Grant for Nazi-era Provenance Research 2024

Christie’s is delighted to announce the second year of the Christie’s Grant for Nazi-era Provenance Research, supporting the next generation of provenance researchers in this field. The grant will be offered to four recipients (£5,000 each), to fund forward-thinking academic, post-graduate research into subjects related to Nazi-era provenance research and restitution.

In addition, and new in 2024, Christie’s will offer five grants of £1,000 each to undergraduates who are studying the Nazi-era and restitution-related topics, and who may be considering a future career or study in this area, with a view to deepening their interest in the subject.

In 2023 Christie’s launched its Grant for Nazi-era Provenance Research as part of its year-long programme, “Reflecting on Restitution”, organised by the auction house to mark the 25th anniversary of the Washington Principles—the 11 foundational principles which have provided a framework for handling research into and claims resulting from the widespread confiscation, forced sales and looting of artworks during the Nazi era.

The application process is open to students in art history or with an interdisciplinary interest in Nazi-era related provenance research. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2024.

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