Annalea Tunesi, The Matters of a Museum, @2017 NCSA conference, Feb 4, Charleston

Paper: Annalea TunesiThe Matters of a Museum: From a Self-Celebrating Shrine to an International Monument (Winner of the NCSA Scheurle-Zatlin International Travel Award)


E. de la Tramblais,“Chute de la Colonne Vendome/Fall of the Column in the Place Vendome” in Les Desastres de Paris en 1871.

Panel XIII-B, Museums and the Nation, Saturday, Feb 4, 2017 (Middleton Room)

@38th Annual Conference of the Nineteenth Century Studies Association (NCSA),
February 2-4, 2017.

Over three days and sixty-five panel sessions, the 2017 NCSA conference will explore the ways in which nineteenth-century men and women sought to commemorate, preserve, and utilize personal and collective memories and histories. Topics will include civic commemorations, jubilees, holidays, public memorials, architectural changes, cemeteries, elegies, death rituals, photography, souvenirs, memoirs and autobiographies, and literary and artistic uses of the past. Papers will also analyze theoretical concepts of memory, invented traditions, and contested spaces, as well as interdisciplinary and alternate interpretations. The final program can be found below (.pdf) and here.

NCSA_Program_FINAL (.pdf, 466kB)