STIP: Provenienzforschung fuer Museen (PREP), Dresden/Washington, 2019

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen in Dresden/Smithsonian Institution in Washington, 01.01. – 31.12.2019

Application deadline: Sep 28, 2018

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Austauschprogramm zur Provenienzforschung für Museen (PREP), 2019

Das deutsch-amerikanische Austauschprogramm PREP wurde von der Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz und der Smithsonian Institution eingerichtet. Ziel ist die systematische Vernetzung der Provenienzforscher in Museen beider Länder.

PREP steht für German/American Provenance Research Exchange Program for Museum Professionals. Das deutsch-amerikanische Austauschprogramm wendet sich an Museumsfachleute aus Deutschland und den USA, die mit Provenienzforschung und der Erforschung des nationalsozialistischen Kunstraubs befasst sind. Vorrangiges Ziel ist der Aufbau eines professionellen Netzwerkes. Thematisch wird das Programm verstärkt asiatische Kunst, Kunstgewerbe sowie Grafik/Arbeiten auf Papier einbeziehen und so den Rahmen der bisherigen Provenienzforschung zur NS-Zeit erweitern. Continue reading “STIP: Provenienzforschung fuer Museen (PREP), Dresden/Washington, 2019”

ANN: Research and Publication Grants, Fondation Giacometti, Paris

Fondation Giacometti, Paris

Deadline: Jul 16, 2018

The Fondation Giacometti in Paris offers a programme of research into the history of modern art: the École des Modernités (School of Modernities). The aim of this programme is to support original projects for the study of the art of the modern period (1905-1960).

Within the framework of this programme, the Fondation Giacometti gives its support to unpublished research into the modern period by providing access to its research centre, funding for a study grant and support for publishing in the form of a literature collection. The cosmopolitan modern movement in Paris is one of the focal points of this programme.

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STIP: PhD Scholarship in 21st Century Art in London

Gasworks & London South Bank University

Application deadline: Jun 20, 2018

Transnational Art Practices and Online Networks in the 21st Century

This is a three-year, EU/UK only funded, full-time PhD scholarship. Collaborating partners: Gasworks, CSNI (The Centre for the Study of the Networked Image) and RCA (Royal College of Art).

The selected candidate will undertake a three-year research project, with either a practice-based or discursive-based methodology, involving situated practice at Gasworks, leading to the submission of a thesis/portfolio submission in 2021.

Project Description

This doctoral research post will consider how artists and curators in art residency programmes are engaging with and being shaped by 21st century global conditions of mobility and communication, by asking how artistic and curatorial practices are interacting with new online networked practices to create transnational networks of global association and diverse collectivities. Centrally the research is keen to explore the potential of new relationships opened up by online art and curatorial practices as well as the deployment of online communication in International partnerships.

The research will bring to light the ways in which networks create new forms of transnational cultural value through a detailed examination of the innovative working relationships between international artists, curators, art organisations working within embedded urban geographies and online. The aim of the research is to support Gasworks achieve a greater understanding of its present practices and to inform Gasworks present trajectory and future strategies.

The objectives of the research are:

  • To critically evaluate Gasworks’ Triangle international art network
  • To work with artists, theorists, curators and technologists on modelling open and cooperative networks for contemporary transnational art
  • To understand the relationship between transnational art practices and contemporary urban culture

Potential questions include:

  • How might online curating relate to Gasworks’ commissioning processes and how could online networks bring new practices to light?
  • What can be learned from Gasworks’ international network of arts organisations as a contribution to the public arts field and how might it impact upon wider public arts policy and practice?
  • What is the significance of London for the growth of contemporary transnational art practices?
  • How is Gasworks’ international art programme relevant to the everyday experience of the city?

Please contact Andrew Dewdney on if you have any questions or visit the link below.

To apply, please visit UK Pass and select LSBU (code L75), then code P052639 for this PhD selecting the 36 month, full time option. Please quote reference PGR014 along with the title of the PhD and your research proposal on the Supplementary Question section, box 4.

Further Details:

Reference: STIP: PhD Scholarship in 21st Century Art in London. In:, Jun 9, 2018. <>.

Stip: Promotionsstipendium “Postkoloniale Provenienzforschung”, Hamburg

Promotionsstipendium “Postkoloniale Provenienzforschung. Zur Ideen- und Rezeptionsgeschichte der ‘Benin-Bronzen'”

Universität Hamburg, Hamburg
Deadline: June 13, 2018

“Postkoloniale Provenienzforschung. Zur Ideen- und Rezeptionsgeschichte der ‘Benin-Bronzen'”

Das Historische Seminar (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zimmerer) in der Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften an der Universität Hamburg vergibt zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt ein Promotionsstipendium zur Ideen- und Rezeptionsgeschichte der ‘Benin-Bronzen’ innerhalb des von der Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung geförderten Projekts “Die ‘Benin-Bronzen’. Die Globalisierung des kolonialen Kunstraubs”.

Die Forderung nach postkolonialer Provenienzforschung ist derzeit in aller Munde. Beflügelt durch die Aussage des französischen Präsidenten Macron, Frankreich wolle binnen fünf Jahren alle geraubten Kunstobjekte zurückgeben, fand die Forderung nach der Erforschung der Herkunft kolonialer Sammlungen auch Eingang in das Regierungsprogramm der deutschen ‘Großen Koalition’. Continue reading “Stip: Promotionsstipendium “Postkoloniale Provenienzforschung”, Hamburg”

ANN: Summer School: Data-Driven Analysis and Digital Narratives (Malaga, 3-8 Sep 18)

International Summer School on Digital Art History (DAHSS)

Málaga, September 3 – 08, 2018
Deadline: Jun 21, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the International Summer School on Digital Art History (DAHSS), a joint initiative of the University of Málaga and the University of Berkeley, will celebrate the third edition from September 3 to 8 (2018) in Málaga (Spain).

The application period is now open (until June 21). Please, visit:

Under the title of Data-Driven Analysis and Digital Narratives, DAHSS pursues two objectives:  a) to configure an interdisciplinary framework to expand the IT skills of students, scholars and professionals dealing with the production, representation and communication of knowledge in the fields of Art History, Visual Culture and Cultural Heritage; b) to build a environment where creative, innovative and collaborative research practices are encouraged and promoted. Continue reading “ANN: Summer School: Data-Driven Analysis and Digital Narratives (Malaga, 3-8 Sep 18)”

EDU: New MA in Cultural Leadership (Royal Academy, London & Maastricht University)

Executive Master in Cultural Leadership
(Royal Academy of Arts London & Maastricht University)

In the year of its 250th anniversary, The Royal Academy of Arts has launched its first ever professional degree programme in collaboration with Maastricht University in the Netherlands. The Executive Master in Cultural Leadership equips participants with an outstanding knowledge of arts and culture in combination with business, management and law. Throughout the programme, there is a clear focus on personal and professional leadership development. In addition, following this course ensures access to an invaluable network of experts in the field of arts and culture.

The 12 month (2-year option also available) modular master is taught in London, Maastricht and Brussels, with additional study trips to various art fairs. Applications for starting in October 2018 or February 2019 are now open. Art starts here!

Inquire     Apply

Academic Directors
Prof. Dr. Rachel A. J. Pownall
Professor of Art Finance
Maastricht University
+31 (0) 43 388 4827

Dr. Anna M. Dempster
Head of Academic Programmes
Royal Academy of Arts
+44 207 300 8010

Conference: Researching Art Market Practices from Past to Present (workshops)

University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 Site Saint Charles, Rue du Professeur Henri Serre, 34080 Montpellier, June 8 – 09, 2018

Registration deadline: Jun 5, 2018


Conference Programme
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