CFP: 10 April 2024 – International Provenance Research Day / Tag der Provenienzforschung (Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung)

The Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V. (Arbeitskreis) is an international network of academics and experts that has been founded in 2000 and which is primarily involved in researching the provenance or, in particular, the unlawful seizure of cultural objects at museums, libraries, archives and in the art trade, but also in the legal system, in academia or as freelancers. The Arbeitskreis has been organized as a registered association since 2014. The central tasks of the Arbeitskreis include technical support for provenance research in all of its fields of activity and the promotion of interdisciplinary exchange. By now, the Arbeitskreis has over 500 members from Germany, France, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the USA.

When: Provenance Research Day has been inaugurated in 2019. It takes place annually on the second Wednesday in April. The next time will be on April 10th, 2024.

Why: The central aim of this action day is to present and communicate provenance research as an academic discipline with high social and political relevance and responsibility. This temporary collaboration between many institutions and researchers worldwide gives a very clear picture of the work of the Arbeitskreis members as part of a steadily growing, highly committed and internationally networked research community.

Participation: The Provenance Research Day is open to all institutions conducting provenance research or participating in academic discussion of the subject. This can include research on cultural objects in a colonial context, items confiscated by the Nazis, looted or stolen works or works salvaged when fleeing from persecution (‘Fluchtgut’), items seized in the Soviet occupation zone/German Democratic Republic, research on institutional collection policy and history, and other contexts, such as the art market or auction houses.

Contributions could be in the form of restitution events, lectures and discussions, workshops, special or small exhibitions, book presentations, consultations or guided tours or presentations of individual cases (e.g., dedicated showcases). The diverse media and activities should explain the complexities of provenance research to a wide public and to heighten public and media awareness of the issues involved. All participating institutions will be published with their actions on the Arbeitskreis website:

Registration: If you would like to participate in the international PROVENANCE RESEARCH DAY, simply register your event using the online form on the website of the Arbeitskreis. Your event will then appear online in the complete directory of all events.

Link to online registration:

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AG TdP: Susanne Knuth (Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock), Sven Pabstmann (Museum Schloss Fasanerie, Eichenzell), Brigitte Reuter (Kunsthalle Bremen)