CFP: Confronting Colonialism in Dutch Art, Session at RSA Dublin (Dublin, 31 Mar-2 Apr 2022)

In recent years, the study of early modern European visual and material culture has focused increasingly on colonial expansion and its consequences. This session aims to address the impact of this trend on the study of early modern Dutch art (c. 1550-1700) and to present case studies that suggest productive future directions.

Deadline for proposals: 8 Aug 2021

For example, the import of global material objects in the Netherlands is a lively topic, and there is more to say, but the interaction of Dutch and indigenous cultures in contact zones seems to demand more attention. Shifting from periphery to centre, one might ask how the study and appreciation of canonical “old masters” (a contested term in itself) such as Rembrandt, Hals, or Vermeer can continue to flourish while taking account of the human costs of the economy that supported their achievements.

Proposals (150-word abstract + 200-word bio) should be sent to Stephanie Dickey: by Sunday, 8 August 2021.