CFP: Deadline Reminder – TIAMSA Annual Conference – Towards a Sustainable Art Market? (Brussels, 30 Jun – 1 Jul 2023)

Atomium Brussels

A reminder that the deadline for CFP submissions for the 2023 TIAMSA conference – ‘Towards a Sustainable Art Market’? – is fast approaching. Submissions are due by Monday 20 March.

The conference, organised in cooperation with the Université libre de Bruxelles, aims to shed light on the question of sustainability (in all its dimensions: social, economic and environmental) in the art market. As all sectors of the economy, the art market must consider the challenges brought by climate change, but also reflect on its actions and on the manner by which artists and artworks have been fostering discussion on sustainability in general.

Deadline: 20 March 2023

Artists have for a long time questioned our world; and the impact of humanity on the planet is no exception as is borne out by the plethora of ecologically themed art in the past fifteen years. How does the art market deal with artworks and artists openly discussing environmental issues? Has this response shifted as environmental issues have come to be more widely discussed? Can artists and artworks help promote a more sustainable environment and art market? How have they already done so?

It is indeed acknowledged that the global art market is also contributing to climate change. The increase in the number of exhibitions requiring artworks to travel, the boom of art fairs which generate vast amounts of waste are only part of the issue. How does the art market and its stakeholders envision a sustainable future? On a more positive note, what are the existing actions undertaken by art market participants to reduce their carbon footprint and their ecological impact? Did the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in the usage of online auctions, and more generally digital technologies, have an impact on the market? How are regulations and policies aiming at bringing a transition towards more sustainable practices affect the art market?

The program committee welcomes submissions on all topics related to the art market, even though, of course several sessions will be fully dedicated to this year’s theme.

Authors may submit papers but also suggest sessions. In the latter case, they must propose three paper proposals (see below) which fit together and suggest a name for the session they envision.

Proposals should include a 150–word abstract and a 200-word bio. For sessions, please submit a 3–5-page proposal including abstracts/bios for the three proposed papers. Please send all submissions to