CFP: I Remember This (basis wien, Vienna, 7-8 Oct 24)

In 2004, ten more countries joined the EU, this large-scale expansion brought about a change on the political map that was expected to have a substantial impact on the political, social, economic and cultural landscape. In the art field, this process of transformation has been the subject of reflection, in particular, in works of art, as well as in exhibitions and special programmes.

Organised by three different archives, the project Art Archive Study. Before and After 2004 is an attempt to look more closely at this specific moment in time by engaging with their holdings as corpora — archival bodies — and examining them in relation to each other. These archives are: Moderna galerija Archives in Ljubljana (founded in 1971), the Archive of Fine Arts in Prague (founded in 1984), and basis wien – Archive and Documentation Centre (founded in 1997).

The work of these three archives is based on the compilation of material published in the field of art, including so-called ephemera, that documents exhibitions and performances, and the accompanying reception in the media. By collecting, sorting, describing, conserving, making accessible and exhibiting the archived material, the remnants of events in the field of art are preserved and their contexts shown. However, this does not lead to their quasi-reconstruction, or 1:1 reproductions, forming instead a temporal distance to embedded knowledge, and constructing new layers of information. The archives become containers for legible traces, where knowledge gaps are implied along with blind spots intrinsic to such documentation.

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