CFP: IFAR Journal (The International Foundation for Art Research)

The International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR) is a nonprofit educational and research organization that offers impartial and authoritative information on authenticity, ownership, theft, and other artistic, legal, and ethical issues concerning art objects. IFAR serves as a bridge between the public, and the scholarly and commercial art communities. The IFAR Journal is valued across the globe for its authoritative and unbiased the coverage of a broad range of art-world topics related to integrity in the visual arts: attribution, authenticity, art law, ethics, stolen and looted art, restitution, provenance research, and more.

Call for Article Submissions:

The IFAR Journal fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and welcomes submissions from diverse perspectives, including art historians, legal scholars, museum professionals, government officials, and policymakers. IFAR Journal seeks the following types of papers: research articles, case studies, exhibition and book reviews, and original scholarship on a range of topics spanning but not limited to:

• Legal frameworks for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage

• Case studies on landmark art law decisions and their implications

• Authentication issues and the role of scientific analysis in art attribution

• Due diligence in art transactions and the mitigation of legal risks

• Ethical considerations in the display and interpretation of cultural objects

• Intersectionality of art, law, and social justice movements

• Challenges and opportunities posed by digital art, NFTs, and blockchain technology

• Best practices for provenance research and restitution efforts

Submission Guidelines

• Manuscripts must be original and not under consideration by any other publication.

• Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to

• Authors are encouraged to provide a brief cover letter explaining the significance of their work and its relevance to the Journal’s scope, as well as short biographical notes on all contributors.

• Please include a word count for your paper. Feature articles should be between 3500 and 6000 words; book and exhibition reviews should be no more than 1500 words.

• Provide contact information including e-mail for the author(s).

For more information about IFAR, visit – for the call, visit Journal CFP.pdf