CfP: Journal of Surrealism and the Americas: Surrealism and the 1960s Americas

Call for papers for Journal of Surrealism and the Americas Special Issue
Surrealism and the 1960s Americas, Fall 2022

Paulina Caro Troncoso, Guest Editor 
Deadline for abstracts: 20 Dec 2021 

The upheavals that took place across the globe in the 1960s constitute part of the social, cultural and political panorama in which Surrealism’s “later period” was manifested. Yet far from being in decline, Surrealism in the 1960s remained actively committed to its principle of revolt. ‘60s cultural revolution and social struggle across North, Central, and South America foregrounded complex intersections of art and politics. European intellectuals and artists, including Surrealists associated with the Paris group, noted the impact of the 1959 Cuban Revolution on the imaginaries and discourses that dominated the cultural, social, and political landscape of the Americas.

Transnational networks of cooperation and solidarity between Africa, Asia, and Latin America facilitated encounters, exchanges and cultural events between activists, artists, and intellectuals, and with the Surrealists participating in the latter. Within this historical framework, surrealist activities and manifestations responded both to local and international socio-political concerns, re-activating and extending the surrealist vision of resistance and revolution. This special issue of Journal of Surrealism and the Americas seeks to explore Surrealism’s intersections with social struggles of the 1960s in investigating the participation and engagement of individual Surrealists and of surrealist groups throughout the Americas with numerous initiatives and efforts toward social change that were carried out during this decade. Special attention will be given to essays that focus on the following themes in the context of the 1960s Americas: 

  • Surrealists’ participation in cultural initiatives and social movements
  • Surrealist periodicals
  • Surrealist exhibitions
  • Surrealism and U.S./Latin American countercultures
  • Reception and influence of Surrealism
  • Surrealism and the art market
  • Methodological considerations in the study of Surrealism

Feature articles should be from 6,000 to 8,000 words and double-spaced (excluding endnotes). The JSA accepts and publishes submissions in several languages other than English (German, Spanish, and French). When submitting an essay in a language other than English, authors must also submit a 500-word English-language abstract of their submission. English-language feature article submissions must also include a short 250-300 word abstract and a brief biography (250 word maximum, placed before the endnotes). 

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Deadline for abstracts: December 20, 2021; complete submissions must be received: April 1, 2022.