CFP: Not Just Bauhaus – Networks of Modernity in Central Europe (Goerlitz – Breslau/Wrocław, 15-17 Jan 19)

Conference in the Silesian Museum in Görlitz and the Museum of Architecture/Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu

Organised by:
Federal Institute for Culture and History of Germans in Eastern Europe, Oldenburg, Museum of Architecture Breslau/Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu, Silesian Museum in Görlitz

Walter Gropius’s communicative skills can be credited with the fact that the architectural modern movement of the 1920 and 30s is often subsumed under the term ‘Bauhaus’, and its global expansion is above all attributed to the influence of Bauhaus teachers and students in exile. The 100-year Bauhaus jubilee of 2019 is the perfect occasion to broaden this perspective and to bring other hubs of modernity and its networks into the focus.

Eastern Europe deserves special attention in this context. After World War I, the modern movement (Neues Bauen) became a symbol of progress and economic success in the newly constituted states. Despite the political antagonisms between the fallen empires and the new national states, artistic connections were maintained across the newly drawn borders, such as between the Russian constructivists and the Polish avant-garde, or they were newly formed, such as between the Breslau and Warsaw architectural scenes.

The platforms of this transnational exchange form the focal point of the conference: educational institutes – including offerings such as Ernst May’s ‘Frankfurt Course for Neues Bauen’ – study trips, exhibitions, competitions, expert journals, etc., up to the International Congresses for Modern Architecture/Congrès Internationaux d’ Architecture Moderne (CIAM) that were called to life in 1928.

One departure point will be the Breslau Art Academy, which nurtured close contact to Poland and Hungary. Moreover, in the late 1920s the ‘Bauhauslers’ Oskar Schlemmer and George Muche took up residence here.

The conference will take place in the Silesian Museum in Görlitz and the Museum of Architecture/Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu, which both own extensive collections on the Breslau Art Academy and the architectural history of the cities. The conference is being convened in the context of an exhibition on Adolf Rading in the Museum of Architecture Breslau. An excursion to constructions of the Breslau modern period is planned for 18.01.2019.

The conference will be held in German, English and Polish.

Travel and accommodation costs can be reimbursed, if funding applications prove successful.

Please send in your exposé for a presentation (c. 2000 characters), a short CV with your email and address as well as details of your current work (1000 characters max.) by 1 August 2018 to:

PD Dr. habil. Beate Störtkuhl
Bundesinstitut für Kultur und Geschichte der Deutschen im östlichen Europa
Johann-Justus-Weg 147 a
D- 26127 Oldenburg
Fon: +49 441 9619514

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