CFP: Novecento Transnazionale No. 3: Transnational perspectives and art history

Novecento Transnazionale

Deadline: Sep 30, 2018

The third issue of Novecento Transnazionale will present a selection of articles focusing on Transnational perspectives and art history. This was born out of the idea that during the last decades, and particularly during the last thirty years, a revision of the systems of analysis, construction and narration of art history was necessary vis-à-vis a world increasingly characterized by migrations, the overcoming of national states and the intertwining of culture, history and identity.

The aim of this focus is to propose a reflection on the relationship between art and history, art and the museum, art and education, art and the construction of the city/habitat, and to understand how methods and paradigms that were once thought to be certain and infallible are now subject to a radical revision. The issues to be addressed, amongst others, are a redefinition of local and international, center and periphery, traditional and contemporary, past and present, classical and modern, geographies, north and south, east and west. A vast bibliography on the subject already exists and many recent studies have proposed reconstructions and revisions of crucial periods and passages of art history.

In particular, this redefinition of a cultural landscape requiring new research perspectives is characterized by issues of periodization, historical and geographical contextualization, museum history – the latter being a center for the merging of different cultures – chronology, and relations between tradition and advanced globalization.

Some of these issues have become crucial for their new study and research methodology and also for their implications relating art and the history of art to other disciplines. For this reason, the forthcoming issue encourages the participation of contributors from all the journal’s areas of interest (literature and anthropology, also), who may draw on the suggestions below.

In order to approach these issues and elaborate on their salient aspects, Novecento Transnazionale suggests the following themes, which may be used as starting points for the authors’ proposals:

  • The history of art, the system of chronologies and succession of artistic movements and periods: how such references can be reconsidered from a transnational and transcultural perspective.
  • The transition between modernity and postmodernity, Western avant-garde and neo avant-garde, amongst others: how such cultural and historiographical categories have become canons or models that have influenced other cultures.

On a different note, how these categories have inhibited the possibility to consider the presence of other non-Western aesthetic models that have not become dominant; how such passages can be reconsidered through a transnational perspective.

  • Transnational artists: biographies connecting different cultures and disciplines.
  • Gender and transnationality in the construction of individual and collective subjects.
  • The revision of traditions – often considered a synonym of authenticity
  • In relation to the geographies to which these traditions belong: how to merge tradition within the transnational perspective of a globalized, dynamic, and contemporary world.
  • Exhibitions and transnational surveys: Biennials, documenta (from 1955 to today), exhibitions since 1989, as contexts where art travels and is presented.
  • Art and the contemporary city, the city, and its transcultural habitat.
  • Museums, galleries and the art system: transnational relationships, economy, and the market.
  • How art history textbooks change and how we can rethink educational sources from a new perspective considering transnational relationships, geographical trespassing, and the intertwining of cultures.

Keywords; art, history, transnationality, transcultural, globalization, tradition/innovation, canons, museums, exhibitions, art market, subjectivity.

Due date for abstract online submission (about 300-400 words): September 30, 2018

Abstracts can be sent to:

Notification of abstract acceptance: October 15, 2018

Completed manuscripts will be due by January 7, 2019
Abstracts and papers will be accepted in both English and Italian.


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