CFP: Special Issue on “The Economics of Art History”, Journal of Cultural Economics

The Journal of Cultural Economics, with the support of the Association of Cultural Economics International (ACEI) and Springer, opens a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on “The Economics of Art History” to be published in 2023. The Guest Co-Editor of the issue will be Prof. David Galenson of the Department of Economics of the University of Chicago (U.S.A.), with the support of F. Etro as Co-Editor of the Journal.

Submission Deadline: 31 Dec 2022

Empirical and theoretical submissions about economic and quantitative aspects of art history are solicited for selection in the special issue.

In the past sixty years, quantitative methods have been used extensively in a number of fields of economics, history and also other social sciences, with considerable success: in some cases, they have produced answers to questions that had not previously been studied, while in others they have increased the precision of answers to questions that have long been debated. The quantitative history of art has lagged behind for a while, though it has recently attracted increasing attention of both cultural economists and art historians. With this issue we would like to encourage the use of quantitative and economic approaches to the study of art history and especially of the development of figurative arts. Potential contributions might deal with the behavior of markets in various periods of art history or of individual artists, and with quantitative aspects regarding demand and supply of art.

Topics (include, but are not limited to):

  • The relation between art markets and the evolution of art history
  • The impact of socio-economic aspects and institutional factors on artistic innovations
  • Supply and demand of art over different periods and locations
  • The pricing of art over the career of artists in modern and contemporary art
  • The efficiency of pricing of figurative art in the long run
  • The economics of art creation, art dealing and art collecting
  • Contractual aspects between artists and patrons and discrimination issues
  • Quantitative approaches to art historical questions

Submission procedure
Please submit your papers through the ordinary submission process of the Journal of Cultural Economics, selecting as article type S.I.: The Economics of Art History. The deadline for submission is December 31st, 2022. Earlier submissions will immediately follow an accelerated review process by the guest editors and a refereeing process with final decisions within four months.

Download PDF here.