CFP: Volume: Artistic Interactions between Italy, Spain, and the Americas (1500-1750

Deadline: Dec 16, 2019

This edited volume will focus on the circulation and reception of early modern Italian and Spanish art and architectural ideas in North and South America and vice-versa. A deeper understanding of the questions and issues raised by empire, colonialism, imperialism in the visual arts can be better understood by triangulating this project’s focus on artistic interactions among Italy, Spain, and America.

In contrast to Spain’s direct involvement in the Americas, claims have been made about Italy’s indirect participation in the transatlantic colonial enterprise have endured. Recent scholarship about artistic exchanges between Italy and the Americas is quickly dismantling this myth. This anthology will consider cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and inter-medial approaches that address how different media, materials, and objects acted as agents of interaction and exchange in the transatlantic world. I welcome papers from not only art historians but also scholars in history and literature.

The proposal for this edited volume will be sent to Routledge for their Visual Culture in Early Modernity series.  If you are interested in contributing to this project, please send me an abstract of 250 words and a narrative C.V. of 150 words by December 16, 2019 in email attachments to:

Please also contact me by email should you have further questions about this project.