CFP: Women’s Cultural Production in Modern and Contemporary Italy

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Women’s Cultural Production in Modern and Contemporary Italy
Edited Volume by Sharon Hecker and Catherine Ramsey Portolano
Abstract Deadline: 1 October 2020

We welcome proposals from scholars in all fields that examine contributions made by women in Italy to any kind of intellectual, artistic or cultural production during the period 1861 to the present.

We seek to analyze the challenges that Italian women engaged in cultural production have faced and the strategies they have put into action to achieve their objectives.

This could include, but is not limited to, essays about women’s self-identification and public ownership of their professional roles as laborers in the intellectual and cultural realm, or essays about Italian societal perceptions of the female production of culture as a bona fide form of labor, including questions surrounding public recognition at home and abroad, as well as monetary remuneration.

Essays about the portrayal of labor by and about female artists, authors, poets, journalists, critics, curators, architects and designers are invited, as well as examinations of the ways in which women in Italy have attempted to react to or circumvent problems, and the modes in which their professional work has been publicly perceived/received. Case studies that address Italy’s specific historical, religious and political issues, from Catholicism to Fascism to the Berlusconi era, as related to the theme of creative female labor are welcome.

Creative couples in which the female partner has either abdicated her professional production, kept it hidden in the shadows, found support through partnership, or used her position for professional leverage are another realm of interest.

Please send 250-word proposals, along with a 150-word bio, to:

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: October 1, 2020