CONF: 7th Annual Conference of The International Art Market Studies Association, The University of Melbourne, Australia (10th – 13th July 2024)

Multiple Art Markets in an Expanding World: Artists, Agents, Networks, Exchanges

From 10 th  – 13 th  July 2024, the University of Melbourne will host the 7 th annual conference of The
International Art Market Studies Association (TIAMSA). As the first iteration of TIAMSA to be staged
outside Europe, the TIAMSA Conference Melbourne 2024 aims to engage with current and emerging
perspectives on the art market with a particular focus on the implications and challenges created by
the evolving and expanding diversified world art markets of the 21 st century.

Free and open to the public, TIAMSA Melbourne Conference will highlight the research of local and international scholars and specialists.

Dedicated sessions will be accessible either in person at the University of Melbourne or remotely via Zoom Webinar and will be held on the following themes:

  • First nations and the art market
  • Multiple art markets across diverse artworlds 
  • Art and value
  • Women and the art market
  • Museums, provenance and the art market 
  • Contemporary art and the South Korean art market
  • Actors, agency and self-determination: Artists operating in shifting art worlds
  • Auctions and the secondary market 
  • Dealers, curators, collectors and other art market agents
  • Donors, philanthropists and private museums 
  • Ethics and art markets across media 
  • Art markets in the digital realm 
  • Intangible art markets 
  • Biennales, art fairs and the circulation of art across art world networks 
  • Diasporic and globally dispersed art markets 

To register for the conference and access the full programme and schedule please visit the conference website.

Further enquiries can be directed to the convenors at:

Dr Georgina S. Walker

Lecturer in Art History and Curatorship, The University of Melbourne, Australia


Associate Professor Christopher R. Marshall

Associate Professor of Art History and Curatorship, The University of Melbourne, Australia