CONF: “Art in a Time of Catastrophe: Ecologies of Resistance Conference” Ruskin School of Art and Christ Church College, University of Oxford

Keynote Speaker: Brian Kuan Wood (Writer, e-flux, New York)

Conference Speakers: Hikaru Fujii (Artist, Tokyo), Sabu Khoso (Writer, New York), Hira Habi (Artist, Lahore), Kenichi Kondo (Curator, Tokyo).

Convenors: Anthony Gardner (Head of the Ruskin School of Art), Emilia Terracciano (Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford), Jason Waite (Doctoral candidate, Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford). 

With Ros Gray (Goldsmiths) as guest moderator.

A collaboration between Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford – Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

The creeping and crippling effects of long term catastrophes on people and non-humans continue. From nuclear disaster to rising seas, desertification, and economic violence, these ongoing human-made crises demand another understanding of time and agency in order to respond differently.

How are artists and cultural institutions rethinking art production to develop new means of support and accountability when confronting this precarious and catastrophe-prone present? As the instability of crisis fosters collective impulses, how have experiments in the arts shifted ways of life and working together to produce a resilience in culture? And can these be extended to social, economic, and planetary scales? The conference aims to explore these critical imaginaries of life-affirming ecologies and transform vulnerability into resilience.

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