Conf: Between Exhibition and Fair (Bologna, 2-3 Feb, 2018)


International conference promoted by Arte Fiera and organised by the Iuav University of Venice, under the patronage of the University of Bologna.


Arte Fiera was the first art fair of its kind in Italy (1974) and one of the first in Europe. A vibrant cultural and artistic community attends the event. The 2018 edition is the ideal opportunity for artists, critics, editors to re-unite and discuss a recent and growing phenomenon, the hybridization between exhibitions and fairs, which are tending to overlap more frequently. A topic which, despite growing interest, is covered very little by scholars. This is perhaps due to the discomfort between the association of art to the market.

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In 2005 during the symposium Where Art Worlds Meet: Multiple Modernities and the Global Salon (Storr, 2007) Daniel Birnbaum reported around art fairs taking over biennial. At what point are we today?

The meeting will be articulated in the following sections:

  • Fairs and Biennials: a Couple or Sisters?
    curated by Clarissa Ricci

  • Art Magazines: Privileged Observers or Instruments of the Institution?
    curated by Camilla Salvaneschi

  • Impermanence: What Happens When the Artwork is Gone?
    curated by Cristina Baldacci

The results of the international conference will appear in a volume.