CONF: Collecting in Time / Sammeln in der Zeit, Leipzig, March 30-31, 17

Collecting in Time
Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig
30th and 31st March 2017

International symposium with lectures, workshops, and panel discussion

Participation is free of charge. Registration until March, 20th 2017

Concept: Vera Lauf and Franciska Zólyom

Moderation: Beatrice von Bismarck (Berlin) and Barbara Mahlknecht (Vienna)

Due to the proliferation of globalization and its concurrent technological developments art museums are currently facing new challenges. The ways in which they perform their educational mission and social responsibility are widely discussed. What could adequate responses to these socio-political shifts and the innovations of the digital age look like? How can the work of the museum be adapted to meet the demographic changes as well as social and cultural developments caused by migration and increasing transcultural connectivity? What are possible reactions to the intensified economisation of society, an increasingly event-based concept of culture, and tendencies of nationalisation in cultural politics?
These questions not only apply to temporary exhibition projects and mediation/educational programmes but also especially to the ways in which museums handle their collections. The symposium Collecting in Time seeks to link the current discussions about the role of art museums with a (re-)consideration of acquisition policies and new perspectives on public collections as the constitutive basis of the institution.

Registration and Program

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