CONF: Museum Networks and Museum History (MGHG Biennial Conference, online, 14-16 July 2021)

MGHG - TIAMSA The International Art Market Studies Association

Museum Networks and Museum History
MGHG Biennial Conference
Hosted Online 14—16 July 2021
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All timings are BST

Wednesday 14 July 

11.50am Introduction

12-1.30pm Panel 1. Gifts, networks and transnational museums

Chair: Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp

Reassembling the Gift: Recovering the Political Intent of Tibetan Buddhist Objects Emma Martin

Achinto Sen-Gupta’s gifts to the British Museum Kajal Meghani

Gift giving at the ‘end’ of empire: museum networks and museum histories Claire Wintle and Nikki Grout

3-4.30pm Panel 2. Networks of museums

Chair: Kate Hill

Closing the Passmore Edwards: exploring the connections of a local authority museum Mark Liebenrood

Learning through networking: the Laing Art Gallery asks for advice Laia Anguix

At the Edges of Place: Networks of Local Siberian Museums Marisa Karyl Franz

Available from 5pm (pre-recorded) Kew’s Economic Botany Collection: a living collection from a lost museum

6-7.15pm Keynote 1

The Micromuseums Boom: how thousands of people opened their own museums  Fiona Candlin

Chair: Mark Westgarth

Thursday 15 July

11.30am MGHG AGM 2021

12-2pm Panel 3. Social and material networks

Chair: Caroline Morris

‘I ended with a few glimmerings of conchology’: Learning how to collect through networks of nineteenth century private collections Kirsty Kernohan

The Flavour of the Fight: Economic Botany in the Great Game Era and Silk Roads Ecological Narratives Alexandra Slucky

Following object itineraries from ancient Cyprus to museum collections Anna Reeve

Inside, outside, in between – museum networks under National Socialism: contribution to a prosopographic museum historiography Karin Müller-Kelwing

3-5pm Panel 4. Networks: Concepts and Methods

Chair: Caroline Morris

Multiplying the Past: Replica Agency and Museum Networks Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw and Felix Sattler

In a relationship: networks, contexts, databases Victoria Donnellan

UNESCO’s Manual of Travelling Exhibitions as Networking Device Nushelle de Silva

The networks of performance art in the museum: a case study from Tate Helia Marcal and Stephen Huyton

5.30-6pm Mobile Museums: recasting museums as centres of circulation Felix Driver, Mark Nesbitt and Caroline Cornish with Paul Basu

Friday 16 July

12-2pm Panel 5. Imperial networks

Chair: Rebecca Wade

The David Livingstone Birthplace Project: networks of Empire, Museums and Communities in the 19th through to the 21st Century Elena Trimarchi

The Colonial Intellectual Network and the Origin of Museums in British East and Southeast Asia  Reynold K. W. Tsang

‘Directed to evolve order out of extreme disorder’: Collecting Networks for Calcutta’s Museums  Lydia Murtezaoglu

Local and Global: Botanical Networks between Australia and England Jessica White

3-4pm Q&A session on poster presentations

5-6pm Keynote 2

Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage: Museum histories and contemporary networks Alice Stevenson

Chair: Katy Barrett