CONF: Researching Art Market Practices from Past to Present: Financial Structures and Practices on the Art Market (online / Université Sorbonne Nouvelle & IESA Arts & Culture, Paris, 11-12 Jun 2021)

This workshop is the sixth in the International Workshops Series “Tools for the Future: Researching Art Market Practices from Past to Present”, established in 2017 by Elisabetta Lazzaro (Business School for the Creative Industries, University for the Creative Arts), Nathalie Moureau (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3) and Adriana Turpin (IESA, Paris & Society for the History of Collecting).

Through individual presentations followed by group discussions, the series aims at bringing together scholars from different disciplines and areas of study of the art market to confront key issues and related methodologies that can add knowledge and evidence about the structures and principals of the art market. The first workshop took place in June 2018, since then we have held workshops every year, respectively on: art collectors (Montpellier, June, 2018); the artist as an entrepreneur and career paths (Utrecht, December 2018); the formation and development of new markets (London, June 2019); communication strategies (Rome, November 2019); and art-market legal structures (Ljubljana, September 2020).

The migration of artworks, from the studio to the gallery, from a nation’s private collections to another’s public museums, from the seller to the buyer, and from the primary market to the secondary market, has been explored and analysed by the previous workshops. The art market is a highly entrepreneurial and peripheral market, and the banking, funding and support strategies deployed or relied upon by the diverse actors of this art market have given rise to complex transactions, investments, and interest protections. The sixth workshop, organised by CREW – Centre for Research on the English-speaking World at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, and the IESA Arts & Culture, l’École internationale des métiers de la culture et du marché de l’art, will address the money flow that underpins these migrations and transfers, in particular the financial strategies of the art market and the ways in which international or national financial structures influence the ability to purchase or the need to produce and sell.

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