CONF: [re]Shaping Exhibition Practices — A Virtual Conference by Art / Switch (online, 29 Jan 2021)

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[re]Shaping Exhibition Practices — A Virtual Conference by Art / Switch (online, 29 Jan 21)

This conference is part of our virtual trilogy [re]Framing the Arts: A Sustainable Shift, organized in collaboration with the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM) at the University of Amsterdam and Nyenrode Business University.

In this second edition [re]Shaping Exhibition Practices, we will focus on environmentally sustainable exhibitions. Our speakers will discuss sustainability in curatorial practice, discuss the structure and process of loans, explore what the art market can do to create environmentally conscious exhibitions, and question how we can shift our thinking around blockbuster and travelling exhibitions, taking into account the effect of Covid-19 on the arts sector. We will emphasize how sustainability can be systematically integrated in the planning and decision-making processes of exhibitions in a post-pandemic world.


16:00 – 16:10 Welcome by Art / Switch

16:10 – 16:40 Alice Bonnot — How Can Art Curators Lower the Environmental Impact of Contemporary Art Exhibitions: Choosing Environmentally Responsible Artists (with 10min Q&A)

16:40 – 17:10 John Thomas Robinette III — Don’t Look Back: Cognitive Dissonance and Traveling Collections (with 10min Q&A)

17:10 – 17:25 Virtual booths with all Speakers or Break (choose booth prior to conference)

17:25 – 18:10 24 ORE Cultura — Case Study: Rethinking Frida Kahlo (with 10min Q&A)

17:25 – 18:10 Galleries Commit & Gallery Climate Coalition: Heath Lowndes, Laura Lupton & Orlando Estrada — Environmentally- Conscious Exhibition Planning in the Art Market (with 10min Q&A)

18:20 – 18:50 Joel Taylor & Caitlin Spangler-Bickell — Factors that Influence the Changing of Climate Specifications for Museum Loans in Practice (with 10min Q&A)

18:50 – 19:00 Take Aways with Sara Kassam

Discussions lead and moderated by Art / Switch in collaboration with:
Sara Kassam — Sustainability Lead at Victoria & Albert Museum
Louisa Buck — Contemporary Art Correspondent for The Art Newspaper

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