CONF: The Commerce and Circulation of the Decorative Arts – The role played by auctions, dealers, collectors, and museums, 1792-1914 (Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon – 25-27 Sept 2024)

This international three-day colloquium investigates the role played by auctions, dealers, collectors, and museums in the circulation of the decorative arts from 1792 until 1914. Beginning with the ‘ventes des biens des émigrés’ in Revolutionary France and ending with the onset of World War I, these were years of seismic political and socio-economic change that revolutionised the art market.

Day 1 (10.30 am-5.30 pm) will start with an introduction by Daniel Alcouffe and an opening lecture by Tom Stammers. Three sessions will follow on the role of auctions, antique dealers and dealer-decorators in the circulation of the decorative arts. Day 2 (9 am-5.30 pm)will be devoted to the museums, collectors and networks of exchange across borders. Day 3 (9am-4.30pm) will discuss the interplay between the market, expertise and the tailoring of objects, ending in the afternoon with a round-table discussion on research in the digital age, showcasing several projects, with short presentations by Mark Westgarth, Lynn Catterson, Koenraad Brosens and Anne-Sophie Radermecker.

The colloquium is co-organised by Université Lumière Lyon-2, ENS Lyon, LARHRA, SAPRAT (EPHE). It is part of a research project on the market for decorative arts: OBJECTive (ANR ACCESS ERC ) : OBJECTive – ANR Objects Through the Art Market : A Global Perspective – LARHRA.

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