CONF: The Restitution Dialogues: A Transnational Conversation on Cultural Loss, Return and Renewal, Tel Aviv, December 11-12, 2019


Wednesday December 11

9:30     Gathering

10:00-12:00     Panel I:

Genocide and Restitution: A Comparative Framework
Chair: Leora Bilsky,
Tel Aviv University

Avraham Roet
A Holocaust Survivor and Active in Restitution of Stolen Art
The Washington Principles – A personal Perspective

Wouter Veraart,

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Beyond Property. A Reflection on the Value of Restitution of Looted Cultural Objects

Rajika Shah,
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
The Holocaust and Beyond: Successes, Limitations, and the Challenges of Property Restitution in United States Courts

Ümit Kurt,

Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Legal and official Plunder of Armenian and Jewish Properties in Com- parative Perspective: The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust

12:00-13:30     Lunch Break

13:30-15:30     Panel II:

Restituting Culture: Between Books and Artworks
Chair: Orit Lev-Segev,
Tel Aviv University

Anna Holzer-Kawalko,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Beyond Restitution and Nationalization. German-Jewish Libraries in Czechoslovakia after 1945

Nawojka Cieslinska-Lobkowicz
Art Historian & Provenance Researcher
Jewish,‘Post-Jewish’: National Narrative and Restitution of the Nazi-Confiscated Art in Poland
Shlomit Steinberg,

The Israel Museum
Constant Challenges and Partial Success – Provenance Research at the Israel Museum

Alexander Herman,
The Institute of Art and Law
Museums, Restitution and Colonial-era Artefacts: Law, Ethics and France’s Sarr Savoy Report

15:30-17:00     Panel III:

Who Owns Kafka?
Chair: Vered Lev-Kenaan,
University of Haifa

Nili Cohen,
Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Who Owns Kafka? A Tale of Two Decisions
Shulamit Almog,
University of Haifa
Literature Alongside Law: Kafka and the Impossibility of not Hoping
Avigdor Feldman ,
Lawyer and Publicist
Kafka in Israel: ‘Ole chadash’ or Illegal Immigrant Looking for Asylum, or at least Work

17:30-19:00     Room 105 (S. E. Hoofien Hall)

Stage Reading from “Return to Haifa”, a play by Boaz Gaon
Based on the novella by Ghassan Kanafani

Discussion: Boaz Gaon, Ariel Shetreet, Zahiye Kundos

Thursday, December 12

09:30-11:15     Panel IV:

The Washington Principles as a Paradigm Change
Chair: Aharon Mor,
Researcher and publicist on Restitution of Jewish Property from the Holocaust-Era

Colette Avital,
Center Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel
Twenty Years to the Washington Principles on Nazi-Confiscated Art: Was the Promise Realized?

Matthias Weller,

Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
After 20 years of the Washington Principles on Nazi-Confiscated Art: Time for a Restatement of Restitution Rules

Eyal Dolev,

Independent Provenance Researcher
“Too much information” – Can Existing Nazi Documents Undermine a “Good” Nazi Looted Art Case?

11:30-13:00     Panel V:

Rethinking Private Law
Chair: Mayo Moran,
University of Toronto

Andrzej Jakubowski,
Institute of Legal Studies, University of Opole
Restitution-in-Kind of Cultural Property: A True Reparation for Heritage Loss?

Kristijan Poljanec,

University of Zagreb
EU Approach to the Issue of Restitution of Nazi Looted Art: The Past, Present, and Future
Tamar Megiddo,
Tel Aviv University
Human Rights and State Authority to Settle Private Property Claims in the Aftermath of Conflict

13:00-14:30     Lunch Break

14:30-16:30     Panel VI:

Cultural Restitution and Transitional Justice: Israel-Palestine
Chair: Natalie Davidson,
Tel Aviv University

Jennifer Orange,
University of Toronto
Museum Practices in Support of Transitional Justice
Kamal Moed,
Sakhnin Academic College for Teacher Education
The Sad Story of a Palestinian Educator’s Library
Said Abu Shaqra,
Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery
Art as Catalyst for Social Change
Rona Sela,
Tel Aviv University
Awda (Return): Palestinian Materials and Cultural Assets Looted and Hidden in Israeli Archives

16:30 Concluding Roundtable:

Restitution, Private Law and Transitional Justice
Mayo Moran, Wouter Veraart, Leora Bilsky, Alex Herman

The Sonia and Edward Kossoy Conference Room (307)
The Minerva Center for Human Rights
Buchmann Faculty of Law
Tel Aviv University

Conference Organisers:
Leonora Bilsky, Mayo Moran, Alexander Herman

Conference Flyer