Conference on the Art Market, (Rome, 27-28 Nov 2017)

Rome, Sapienza University, Conference on the Art Market, 27-28 November 2017

The Dipartimento di storia dell’arte e spettacolo of the Sapienza University will host a two-day conference on the art market. Convened by Paolo Serafini, newly appointed professor for art market studies at the Sapienza University, it will present papers by Kim Oosterlinck, Filip Vermeylen and Christian Huemer, all of whom are researching the development of the art market in its historic, artistic, economical and social contexts. The three speakers (all TIAMSA board members) are also part of the research team ‘The Art Market of America’ funded by the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. The conference also inaugurates TIAMSA’s Italian Sub-Committee. (Conference times: Monday 27 November, 11am-1pm, Aula 2; Tuesday 28 November, 9am-11am, Aula 1.)