Exh: Galerie Helbing, 27 April – 8 June 2016, Munich

Galerie Helbing – Auktionen für die Welt, 27 April – 8 June 2016, Zentral Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich

This exhibition is devoted to the enterprise of the outstanding auctioneer Hugo Helbing (1863-1938) whose gallery, established in 1885, was the foremost auction house in the German-speaking countries between the late 19th century and 1938 when Helbing was murdered after the so-called „Kristallnacht“. Helbing held more than 800 auctions at his headquarters in Munich and his branches in Frankfurt M. and Berlin, and even abroad – some major ones also in collaboration with Paul Cassirer (Berlin). The exhibition shows archival material, photographs, letters and auction catalogues (some of them annotated) illustrating Helbing’s life and enterprise.