EXH: Taking Stock. Gurlitt in Review (Kunstmuseum Bern, 16 Sept 2022-15 Jan 2023)

Taking stock means being accountable. The Kunstmuseum Bern accepted the legacy of Cornelius Gurlitt (1932 – 2014) in November 2014. Since December 2021, around 1600 works of art from the estate of the art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt (1895 – 1956) have also physically arrived at the museum.

Because Hildebrand Gurlitt traded in art during the National Socialist era in Germany (1933 – 1945), the inventory has been scrutinised for possible cases of Nazi looted art since 2013. The exhibition offers in-depth insights into the Gurlitt legacy and the scholarly research on it. Individual thematic rooms explore in detail the ethical guidelines, legal framework and results of this unique international provenance research project. We show how the Kunstmuseum Bern responsibly fulfils its obligations in dealing with works of art in its acceptance of the Gurlitt bequest.

Curator: Nikola Doll
Curatorial assistance: Anne-Christine Strobel

For more information, visit kunstmuseumbern.ch/see/today/1082-gurlitt-eine-bilanz-120.html.