GRI Public Program: Provenance Research – A Personal Concern (Los Angeles, March 1, 2018)

The Getty Research Institute will host a public program, Provenance Research – A Personal Concern,  in conjunction with the 3rd exchange of the German/American Provenance Research Exchange Program (PREP) for Museum Professionals on Thursday, March 1st. GRI Director Thomas W. Gaehtgens will join Stephanie Barron (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), Simon Goodman (author of The Orpheus Clock), and James Welu (Director Emeritus of the Worcester Art Museum) to discuss their motivations for and experiences with conducting provenance research.

Tickets can be reserved here.
A video of the program will be available on The Getty website in the weeks following the event.

From February 25th – March 2nd The Getty Research Institute will host 26 German and American experts in art museum provenance for a week of discussions and workshops on methodologies of WWII-era research in museums, archives, and research institutions.  The PREP Exchanges are designed to increase mutual understanding of the academic, legal, museological, and cultural/historical systems which determine the research practices in both countries.