Lecture: The Art Market in the 20th and 21st Centuries (Lisbon, 19-20 Oct, 17)

The Art Market in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Mapping a still unwritten history

Lecture by TIAMSA Co-Chair Johannes Nathan at the Palácio do Correio Velho, Lisbon, Friday, 20 October, 6pm

Beginning with a brief overview of the speaker’s family history, this lecture will outline the development of the art market in the 20th century and the changing role of different business models. In view of the recent attention to provenance research, it will then turn to the growing importance of the study of art market history. The lecture will conclude by pointing to the challenges that still face students of this subject – and how they might be overcome.

The lecture will be preceded by a workshop on „The Art Market Dictionary – The Challenge of Raw Data“ for the students of Mercados da Arte Contemporânea no Mundo Global at the Instituto de História da Arte, Universidade Nova de Lisboa on 19 October 2017, 6pm to 9pm

These are the kick-off events of the “Art Market and Collecting in the European Southern Countries and Brazil”, a new TIAMSA sub-committee, whose first meeting will take place on 19 October in Lisbon.