Paper Out Now: Radermecker/Oosterlinck: ‘The Master of…’

Anne-Sophie Radermecker and Kim Oosterlinck just published a paper in the new issue of the Journal of Cultural Economics (JCE)

Kim Oosterlinck









“The Master of …”: creating names for art history and the art market

The value of a painting is influenced above all by the artist who created it and his reputation. Painters nowadays are easy to identify and are used to signing their artworks. But what about those whose names have not survived the test of time? Based on hedonic regressions and price indexes, this paper focuses on a particular subset of anonymous artists labelled with so-called provisional names (“The Master of …”), and contributes to the understanding of art valuation and art brands on the auction market. »

 Radermecker – Oosterlinck_The Master of (link)

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Oosterlinck, K. & Radermecker, AS. J Cult Econ (2018).
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