PUBL: Collecting Latin America  (Journal for Art Market Studies, vol. 7 no. 1, 2023)

Guest Editor: Martin Berger


Megan O’Neil, Mary E Miller:
Stendahl Art Galleries in Europe: Expanding the Market for Pre-Hispanic Art at Mid-Century

Andrew D. Turner, Payton Phillips Quintanilla:
Collecting and Constructing Classic VeracruzEarl Stendahl, Guillermo Echániz, and the Market for Mesoamerican Stone Ballgame Objects

Mariana Francozo, Caroline Fernandes Caromano:
One Cara Grande for each museum in the world: The role of Borys Malkin in the formation of Lowland South-American indigenous collections (1960-1970)

Carolina Orsini, Anna Antonini, Federica Villa:
From Paris to New York: The Guillermo Schmidt Pizarro Collection from the Brummer Gallery Records

Martin Berger:
Between Canon and Coincidence

Viola Koenig:
“Compensating for War Losses and Closing Gaps in the Collection”. The Acquisitions on the Art Market for the Mesoamerican collection at the Ethnological Museum in Berlin 1969-2008

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