PUBL: Museums Trading on the Art Market, ed. by Helene Trello – Journal for Art Market Studies Vol. 6 No. 1 (2022)

The latest issue of the Journal for Art Market Studies is now online.

• Introduction Helene Tello

• Multiple suppliers in permeable spaces. Ethnographic collecting at the end of the nineteenth century
Manuela Fischer

• From museum objects to trading goods: the ethnographic doublet
Beatrix Hoffmann-Ihde

• The Nuremberg Ivory at Dumbarton Oaks
Iñigo Salto Santamaría

• Political Motive, Directorial Access, and an Opportunity for the Art Trade: How Two Paintings from the Munich Pinakothek Made their Way to the US
Birgit Jooss

• In the Absence of Foreign Currency: The Acquisition of “Samson Blinded” by Lovis Corinth. From the Central Archive of the Staatliche Museen Berlin
Jörn Grabowski

• The Gilbert Collection
The Quest for the Best Alice Minter

• To Sell or Not to Sell? A Transatlantic Debate
Dorothea Schöne, Thomas Köhler, Christopher Bedford

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